Items That Require Vinyl Dip Coating from Coating Systems

Wrench With Vinyl Dip Coating

Vinyl dip coating, also known as plastisol, starts as a thick, dense liquid made of PVC and plasticizer. Then, we heat the part that needs coating before dipping it in the vinyl material. As the part cools, the coating fuses to the part while remaining pliable on the outside. Coating Systems explains the types of items that require vinyl dip coating to operate at their peak.

Tool Handles

Handheld tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers, need to be both rugged and easy to grip. Vinyl dip coating adheres to the steel or aluminum of the handles. Meanwhile, the outer edge of the vinyl coating allows human hands to grip the tool comfortably for better effectiveness. Coating Systems can take batches of your tools and dip them in vinyl to make your items easier for customers to use.

Plating Racks

Coating Systems uses vinyl dip coating to finish plating racks for your industrial processes. Plating racks covered in plastisol allow your items to hang freely when you dip them in plating solutions. Vinyl doesn’t react with the chemicals while also covering the metal rack. This makes the plating process more efficient by reducing the amount of metal dipped in the solution.


Round, hexagonal, rectangular, and square end caps all could use vinyl dip coating as a way to protect the metal underneath from corrosion. Steel and aluminum already have fantastic anti-corrosion properties based on how they are manufactured. Vinyl dip coating from Coating Systems creates caps for these items to protect them from the elements while adding another layer of protection to fasteners that hold vital parts and structures together.

Electrical Insulation

Vinyl dip coatings offer fantastic insulation against electrical shock. Coating Systems can cover metal chains with vinyl dip coating, so they don’t accidentally short circuit any electronics or sensitive equipment nearby. We also dip work gloves in plasticized vinyl to protect your employees from electrical shock.

Vinyl Dip Coating from Coating Systems

Vinyl dip coating from Coating Systems protects your items from the elements or makes your products easier and safer for employees to handle. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-593-7754 to see what we can do for you.