Lip Seals: How Do They Work and Why Are They Important?

Lip seals for industrial use

Lip Seals – How Do They Work?

If you are in a business or industry that utilizes industrial equipment or manufacturing equipment, there are certain things that you need to know and understand that the average person does not. One of those things is lip seals. Most people have no idea what lip seals are, but they are important for your equipment.
While you might know what they are, some in the industrial field might not know how they work and why they are important. In today’s post, Coating Systems will look at what makes these seals work and why it is so important that they do.
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What Is A Lip Seal?

As all seals do, lip seals act as a barrier, keeping contaminants out while allowing lubricants to continue doing their jobs at the same time. We see these most commonly used in radial shafts and for rotary elements including strut seals and axle seals.
The seal itself is described as a lip because it provides a groove in the shaft surface that not only keeps certain materials out but pumps the right materials in. This added dimension makes this seal even more valuable because it will help protect against lubricant loss and help you stay efficient.

How Do These Seals Work?

As noted before, the lip seal serves two primary functions. It keeps contaminants out while retaining lubrication. This happens when the lip is in contact with the rotating shaft that it is sealing. As the shaft rotates, the lip will remain in contact, keeping contaminants out. However, the rotation creates a hydrodynamic action that creates a pump action which helps to keep the lubricant flowing.
It is also important to remember that not all seals are created equal and that not all seals will work on all machines. The functionality and preservation of your machines and their seals will depend on proper installation and upkeep. Before installation, the lip seal must be clean of any nicks or scratches and the shaft itself must be clear of any nicks or scratches.
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Why Are They Important?

The life of your machines is centered around their operating condition. Especially in machines that endure a more rigorous function, making sure that they are well preserved is what will keep them alive. A bad seal will lead to damaged shafts and the need for costly repairs. 70% of lubrication professionals say that they use lip seals. The importance of these seals in the life of your machinery cannot be overstated.

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