Tips for Improving Your Sandblasting Applications

Zoomed in photo of a sandblasting surface

Sandblasting is an effective coating method for many surfaces, but it can also be difficult and dangerous. For that reason, it is important to know the proper techniques as well as the best practices so that you can become more efficient in coating applications. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will identify four sandblasting tips for you and your business.

1. Find the Right Compressor and Nozzle

One of the most common sandblasting mistakes is beginning a task that is either too big or too small for the compressor and nozzle you are using. Having the right compressor and nozzle is crucial to the success of your application, especially on bigger projects. If you are blasting a large surface and need a greater amount of pressure, having the wrong nozzle or compressor can not only lower the quality of your work, but it can also be dangerous.
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2. Find the Right Abrasive Medium

It can be difficult to determine what abrasive medium to use for your specific application. Sandblasting is an abrasive process, which means that it can damage your surfaces if it isn’t done right. It’s important to find the right medium for your surface, especially if your surface is more sensitive. If you are unsure about what medium to use or have no case study on that particular surface, always start on the softer side and work your way up.

3. Find the Right Protective Gear

While the variables in question with sandblasting often revolve around protecting the surface you are blasting, it’s easy to forget that abrasive techniques like this are also dangerous for the person doing the work. To stay safe when sandblasting, it is crucial that you have the proper protective gear, which includes masks with proper ventilation and protective clothing. Similarly, it’s important to conduct your sandblasting applications in a suitable environment that is isolated and well ventilated.
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4. Find the Right Training System

Arguably the most important sandblasting tip we can give you is to get the right training before you begin. As noted, this is a dangerous coating solution and shouldn’t be done without a proper understanding of technique. Don’t go about abrasive blasting without the right training, because it can hurt you just as much as it can hurt your surface.

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