Some Industries That Benefit From Powder Coating

Powder Coating Being Applied to Auto Wheels

If you need a high-quality, durable finish, powder coating may be the solution for you. Powder coating is a dry coating process which has become increasingly popular due to its efficiency, durability, and minimal effect on the environment. In today’s blog, the experts at Coating Systems, Inc take a look at some industries that benefit from powder coating.


Powder coating is used in a variety of ways within the automotive industry. This includes everything from wheels and hubcaps to door handles, bumpers, and decorative trim. Powder coating is used to protect the body of the automobile from corrosion and rust. Powder coating is also used inside the engine on radiators, filters, and many other parts.

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Perhaps the most common uses for powder coating in the appliance industry is on the side and front panels of common household appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters. It is also common to find this material used as a replacement for the enamel that was traditionally used in the parts for washers and dryers.


For the past three decades, builders have been discovering the benefits of powder coating. This finish is long lasting, durable, and available in many different colors. It is also resistant to UV rays and scratches, which makes it an excellent outdoor coating material.

Consumer Product Industry

You will find powder coating used commonly in numerous products that you use every day. This includes everything from light fixtures to the tiny components used inside electronics. Golf clubs, ski poles, bikes, furniture, even mechanical pencils often use some type of powder coating. The number of daily uses of powder coating is nearly endless.

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