MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coating Process

Greasy gears in need of molykote coating

MOLYKOTE® is an innovative and high performing lubricant that helps protect against extreme environmental and operative conditions. This superior lubrication is durable, reliable, and offers several benefits. These benefits include:

  • Resistance to moisture, dust, and dirt
  • Lifelong application
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Staining
  • Prevents Wear and Tear
  • Reduces Friction

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What Is MOLYKOTE® Used For?

MOLYKOTE® is very versatile and can be used across a variety of industries from the food industry to the automotive industry and more. There are 6 different classes of MOLYKOTE® coating to choose from. These classes include greases, pastes, high performance industrial lubricating oils, compounds, dispersions, and anti-friction coatings. Anti-friction coating is one of the most common classes of MOLYKOTE®. This class of lubrication is often used in the automotive industry.

How the Molykote Anti-Friction Coating Process Works

When applying anti-friction coating, it is important to carefully follow the correct process to ensure its effectiveness. The first step in the process is to pretreat the surface of the material that you will be applying anti-friction coating to. Once pretreatment is complete and the material is dry, there are several techniques used in order to apply the anti-friction coating. Once you have chosen a technique and applied the MOLYKOTE® to the object, the object will then need to air dry and oven cure to bind the lubrication. The air drying and oven curing process can vary in time. The air-drying process can be completed in as little as three minutes, and the curing process could take up to one hour.

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Applying MOLYKOTE® is Not a DIY Project

Many people want to apply MOLYKOTE® on their own without the proper training or knowledge. Although you can apply the lubricant on your own, at Coating Systems, we highly recommend that you turn to a professional to apply the MOLYKOTE®. In order to ensure that the lubrication was applied properly and effectively, you must reach out to a professional. There will be nothing more frustrating than trying to apply MOLYKOTE® on your own only to discover that it didn’t work because the process was done incorrectly.

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