How Coating Systems Helps Military Performance

tank coated by Coating Systems for chemical resistance and camouflage

When it comes to military applications, industrial coatings perform many vital functions that the average layman may not be aware of. Because of the chemical compositions of certain coatings, called Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings or CARCs, coated military vehicles and combat gear can better resist dangerous substances. This is just one of the ways that coatings help protect troops and reduce casualties in combat situations.
With over 40 years of experience in the business of providing valuable coatings to industries which improve the lifespans and performance of their machinery and products, it is perhaps no wonder that Coating Systems is also trusted to provide military equipment with CARCs. Our dedication is to the satisfaction of our customers first, and with our state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to ensure that satisfaction reliably, time and time again. Below we further detail the benefits of CARCs from Coating Systems in military applications.
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Coating for Weapons

The performance of firearms on the battlefield is crucial. Military personnel may find themselves in combat in any weather conditions or in a variety of landscapes. So whether they are fighting in a dry, dusty desert with gusting winds or a humid, swampy forest, they need their weapons to be performing optimally. Coatings from Coating Systems help firearms hold up to harsh conditions by discouraging the accumulation of rust that may compromise their functionality. This increased durability allows for a longer and better life for the weapon.
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Coating for Vehicles

A very important function of coating for military vehicles is reducing its signature. By “signature” we mean its signature as it may appear on a radar, an infrared scanner, or other detection technology. Coatings can help reduce a vehicle’s signature by blocking or interfering with the detection method, which greatly reduces the likelihood that the personnel inside will be harmed. In this way, vehicles become “camouflaged,” allowing them to better accomplish their tasks efficiently and safely.

Trust Coating Systems for Your Coating Solutions

That Coating Systems is trusted by manufacturers of military-grade equipment and vehicles stands as a testament to the quality of the products and services we offer. If you’re interested in what industrial coatings from such reliable names as DuPont, Cerakote, Arkema, Whitford, and McLube, can do for you or your business, please contact us at Coating Systems today with inquiries or requests for free samples of our work. We look forward to working with you!