How to Properly Mix Xylan

How to properly mix Xylan

Xylan has long been a staple of the industrial coating industry but sometimes it is easy to forget exactly what it is. As you seek a solution for your coating needs, whether it be for something as small as a knife or as extensive as automotive or aerospace needs, you will want to know exactly what you are getting into. Xylan specifically is a low-friction, water-resistant coating that is ideal for several industrial needs and requirements. It is also wear-resistant and heat-resistant, making it a dynamic product for many coating needs. However, it must also be cared for and used correctly. In today’s Coating Systems, Inc. blog post, we’ll discuss how to properly mix Xylan and why that is important.

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How to Mix Xylan Properly

While Xylan is as durable and as versatile as any coating you will find, it requires proper use to maximize performance. And while all Xylan coatings need to be mixed correctly to reach their peak performance, not all of them are mixed in the same way. For instance, there are certain coatings that require a more intense mixing process, utilizing a high-shear blade to literally cut the coating into smaller bits until it is broken down into fine particles. There are other coatings that require a more delicate process, needing to be rolled slowly to avoid coagulation.
For most Xylan coatings, using an air mixer with a high-speed dispersion blade is the best way to mix your coating. While you are using a high-speed blade, you want to avoid mixing too quickly. Doing so puts the coating at risk of entrapping air.

Let a Professional Coating Company Help

While applying Xylan coating can certainly be done on your own, there are several benefits to getting your coating needs met at the professional level. While applying fluoropolymer coatings, such as Xylan, is not overly complicated, you are at a higher risk of error when you apply it yourself. These types of errors stem from not mixing the coatings properly, but they can also come from not choosing the right solvents or spray guns.

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It is also safer to have any coating needs professionally addressed, as the process requires a decent amount of safety equipment, including respirators and face shields. It is not impossible to apply fluoropolymer coatings yourself, but we would recommend allowing the professionals to step in and help.

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