Advantages of Emralon Coating for the Military

Military vehicle with emralon coating

When it comes to the military, little matters more than things work exactly as they should each and every time. This is what the military prides itself on. Each part of the system, whether person or machine, works in tandem to get crucial results. That’s why it matters so much that military vehicles and machinery get the top-of-the-line coatings each and every time. That’s why Coating Systems uses Emralon for many of our military contracts. Emralon works great, and you can count on it time and time again when it matters most.

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Emralon Lasts

Emralon, when properly applied as a coating, can withstand serious pressures. According to the Hartman Wear Test, Emralon can handle as many as 200,000 cycles at 180 pounds of load each. Those o-rings will withstand just about anything you toss at them.

Withstands Insane Temperatures

This coating will definitely withstand some of the coldest temperatures yet recorded in the universe. If the military needs spin coating for aerospace o-rings, this coating will do the job. It was recorded to hold up at -450 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in the universe? A mere 8 degrees colder. A Chilean telescope allowed scientists to analyze Boomerang Nebula, a cloud of frozen gas and dust floating through the Centaurus constellation, and they found that it was -458 degrees. Don’t worry, Emralon can hold up to the coldest temperatures in our solar system, measuring about -400 degrees.

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The hottest temperatures on the moon are also no match for this robust coating. The moon rarely reaches a temperature of 400 degrees. Guess what temperature this coating can withstand? That’s right: 400 degrees. In our own atmosphere, temperatures only range from 160 degrees (recorded in the Lut Desert in Iran in 2005) and -130 degrees (measured in the Earth’s mesosphere). This coating can easily handle any temperatures the earth or its atmosphere can throw at it.

Don’t Worry About Friction Or Corrosion

Like most coatings, Emralon reduces friction and keeps engine parts from corroding together. It reduces stick and slip. The coating also withstands acidity, bases, aliphatic solvents, ketones, and Sodium Chloride solutions. In the military, everything needs to be tough, and this coating is nothing if not tough to break down.

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You don’t have to be in the military to need or want an Emralon coating. We don’t blame you if you want one of the best coatings around. Contact Coating Systems today, and we will set you up with the best coating for your needs.