How Rubber Grommets Can Be Used for Wire Protection

Rubber Grommets protecting wires

Why Use Rubber Grommets to Protect Wires

Taking precautions to protect electrical wiring reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that your wiring lasts longer. When wiring passes through holes in drywall or another surface, it needs insulation to protect it from damage. There a few different options for insulation, but rubber grommets work the best. At Coating Systems, we specialize in coating rubber grommets to protect them from damage. Here, we discuss a few different reasons why you should use this type of seal to protect the wiring. Related Post: What Are the Advantages of Rubber Grommets?

#1. Eliminates Sharp Edges

Eliminating sharp edges is the main reason why you should insulate holes before wires pass through them. If a wire passes through a hole that is not insulated, it can be cut and damaged, which may cause serious accidents in the future. Luckily, rubber grommets provide a smooth surface for the wire to pass through safely.

#2. Protects Against Moisture

Moisture is obviously a huge hazard for electrical wiring. To protect against damage and potential electrical fires, you need to use water-resistant insulation. Rubber grommets are proven to protect against water, chemicals, and organic acids. By taking the time to insulate any holes that wires pass through, you can greatly reduce the risk of fire.

#3. Reduces Vibration

Electrical wires are easily affected by intense vibration. If you install wiring near machinery or in an area of the country that experiences earthquakes, you will need to use insulation that can absorb vibration and shock. For these cases, rubber grommets are specifically designed to withstand large amounts of vibration. Thick and sturdy, they can absorb repeated shocks and hold wires in place.

#4. Fits Any Size of Hole

Rubber grommets also come in a wide variety of sizes, making them more versatile. With over 100 different sizes, you can easily find something that fits your needs. If you need additional protection, grommets also come in different levels of thickness. Grommets are relatively affordable and very easy to install, making them an electrician’s best friend. Simply find a grommet that is sized correctly and fit it into place. Related Post: Here Is Why Rubber Grommets Are Better Than Other Grommets

Rubber Grommet Coating at Coating Systems

With over 40 years of customer service experience, Coating Systems is prepared to take on any of your industrial coating needs. We specialize in coating seals, such as O-rings, gaskets, and grommets. By coating your grommets, you can make them stronger, reduce wear and tear, and make them last longer. A layer of coating will also add an aesthetic appeal, making your grommets stand out from the competition. To get a quote or learn more about our services, contact Coating Systems today!

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