Why Use a Lathe Cut Gasket

Lathe cut gasket

The Advantages of a Lathe Cut Gasket

Lathe cut gaskets are circular sealing devices designed with a square cross-section. High-quality, economical, and easy to produce, lathe cut seals offer a great alternative to molded O-rings in most applications and are used across a variety of industries. Typically, they are manufactured from a cylindrical tube of rubber that is made to match specific requirements.
At Coating Systems, we specialize in coating and protecting a variety of seals, such as quad seals, O-rings, lathe cut gaskets, and more. In today’s post, we discuss some of the advantages of using a lathe cut gasket where you would normally use a molded O-ring.
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#1. Holds Design Shape

Lathe cut gaskets are known to hold their shape under high volumes of stress. Seal failure is often caused by a seal not being able to maintain its shape or dimensional stability. However, lathe cuts are designed to hold their shape when they are squeezed or held under pressure for long periods of time. By choosing a lathe cut, you can reduce your chances of experiencing seal failure.

#2. Ability to Withstand Pressure

Lathe cut gaskets are also known to withstand high amounts of pressure. When pressure is applied, lathe cut seals squeeze up to fill in any clearance gaps. In some studies, lathe cut seals have actually been shown to perform better than molded O-rings under high pressure. In fact, some tests even show that lathe cut seals can withstand pressures 25% higher than molded O-rings. This means that lathe cut seals will provide a more reliable seal and will last longer under continuous pressure than molded O-rings.

#3. Low Production and Installation Costs

Lastly, lathe cut gaskets are an economical alternative to molded O-rings. They are cheaper, easier to produce, and less complicated to install, cutting costs throughout the entire process. Seals and gaskets only make up a small percentage of your production costs, but saving a little in this stage of the process can go a long way.
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Lathe Cut Gasket Coating

At Coating Systems, we specialize in coating sealants for a variety of industries, including the aerospace and automotive industries. No matter what industry you are in, lathe cut gasket coating goes a long way. Coating will reduce wear and tear on your gaskets, improve the quality of your seal, and reduce seal failure. By choosing one of our custom options, you can set your gaskets apart from the competition and create a unique look. To learn more about our services or get a quote, give us a call today at 1-800-593-7754!