Types of Lip Seals

Different Kinds of Lip Seals

Lip seals are the ideal solution for many applications. Also known as radial shaft seals, there are various common lip seals that are used in a variety of different industries. Today in the Coating Systems, Inc. blog, we’ll be talking about these different seals.

What is a Lip Seal?

A lip seal is something that may be used to seal rotary shafts. The sealing lip is connected to the shaft. There are two angles, an air side and an oil side. It is then positioned to help the oil run through the rotary. Some common examples of lip seals include:

Hydraulic Pump Seals

Hydraulic pumps turn mechanical power into hydraulic energy. They do this by generating flow, which overcomes any pressure that is caused by the load. Lip seals for hydraulic pumps ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the liquid is able to flow easily. Without these types of seals, the hydraulic pumps would not be able to operate efficiently.
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Axle Seal

Axle seals are commonly used in vehicles to connect the axle to the transmission. The purpose of the seal is to keep the transmission fluids from leaking. Without a quality lip seal, the fluid would leak and eventually cause damage to the transmission, resulting in heavy repair costs. That’s why it’s important that your axle seal is high-quality and working properly.

Power Steering Seal

Similar to an axle seal, a power steering seal ensures that your power steering fluid isn’t leaking. Although your power steering fluid isn’t necessarily as crucial as your transmission fluid, you still don’t want it to be leaking. Again, it’s best to have high-quality lip seals in this situation.

Valve Stem Seals

Valve stem seals are used to allow air or gas into any given chamber and are automatically shut after allowing the air or gas in. They are commonly used in tires. If you’ve ever inflated a bicycle tire or your car tire, you’re seeing a valve stem seal at work. These seals are important because they make sure air doesn’t leak out of the chamber. If a faulty seal is in place, the tires will deflate over time.
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