Industries That Use Halar

Industries that Commonly Utilize Halar

Halar is a coating that possesses an array of highly useful qualities. Qualities such as resistance to chemicals, temperature, permeation, and more make it the perfect solution for a variety of industries and applications. Today in the Coating Systems, Inc. blog we’ll talk about the various different industries that commonly use Halar.

For the Chemical Industry

Halar is ideal for any industry that uses chemicals in daily activities. It is extremely resistant to chemical wear and can resist corrosion over long periods of time. Reactors, semiconductors, piping systems, chemical holding tanks, centrifuges, and much more can benefit from the application of this coating.
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For the Pharmaceutical Industry

High purity applications and exhaust ducts, commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, also use Halar as their coating solution. The reasons are numerous, but high chemical resistance and prevention of buildup in exhaust ducts are among the primary reasons this coating is utilized.

For the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry often operates in harsh environments and conditions. Thus, they need a coating that can stand up to these conditions and continually deliver. They need something that offers long-term performance and protection. Halar is the perfect solution for the oil and gas industry for these reasons and more.

For the Plumbing and Waste Management Industry

Halar is commonly used to coat pipes in the plumbing and waste management industries. Its resistance to corrosion and scale deposit buildup makes it the ideal candidate for long-lasting performance and low maintenance. It can be used for both household and industrial applications.

For Semiconductor Environments

Semiconductor systems greatly benefit from this coating as well. It is often used to coat the ducts and process equipment. Corrosion and fire safety elements help these systems to run consistently and perform well over long periods of time.
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