Why Polyamides Like Rilsan are Important


While not commonly known, polyamides are vital for many different functions, from the manufacturing of clothing to the production of carpeting. One of the highest quality polyamides is Rilsan, a bio-based coating derived from the castor plant. Rilsan is a nylon coating, as are all polyamides, and such coatings are very important to all sorts of manufacturing applications. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will look at why polyamides like Rilsan are so important.

What Are Some Common Uses of Polyamides?

As noted, polyamides are nylons, which means they are very strong and provide important abrasion resistance and resilience. This is why polyamides are commonly used in children’s clothing, which needs a higher level of abrasion resistance to protect the material. Polyamides also protect against UV rays.

Polyamides are often used to make films for food packaging, providing an ideal balance of strength and breathability.

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Why Is Rilsan the Best Option?

While Rilsan has many of the characteristics listed above, it also has many other unique qualities that make it stand out as a great choice among polyamides. It is particularly beneficial when it comes to chemical resistance and impact resistance. Rilsan coating is preferred by many because of its resistance to harsh chemicals, which many polyamides are not resistant to. It also has a high level of impact resistance, specifically Rilsan PA-11, a variety of Rilsan. In fact, compared to its polyamide peers, Rilsan PA-11 has been found to have nearly double the impact resistance qualities of these other polyamides.

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