Three Major Benefits of Quad Seals

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If you are looking for a sealing solution, you have likely looked into two major options in o-rings and quad seals. While both of these options are good, there are a variety of differences and both have benefits for individual, unique applications. O-rings are arguably the most common seal in the industrial field, but quad seals are often seen as a perfect replacement. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will take a look at three major benefits of quad seals.

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1. Better in Dynamic Applications

O-rings are likely the most common seal on the market because of how well they perform in static, or fixed, applications. However, not all industrial applications are static. In fact, many of these applications are dynamic, which means they are forceful and include a lot of action and change. In these applications, quad seals have proven to be the best option, as they are more stable in dynamic applications. These seals come in several shapes and sizes, making them more versatile for unique applications.

2. Easier to Lubricate

Arguably the most important aspect of keeping your seals functioning at a high level is keeping them well lubricated. To do that, you need a seal that retains lubrication well, and quad seals do just that. Unlike o-rings or other more traditionally cut seals, quad seals have grooves on the inside and outside of the seal, which allows them to retain lubricant better. This, in turn, reduces friction and allows your seal to perform better in the long-term. The importance of lubrication cannot be understated with industrial applications, and these seals make it easier to lubricate and keep your machinery sealed off from debris.

3. Require Less Friction and Pressure

O-rings and other traditional seals are very dependent on compression. To seal effectively, these cuts must be squeezed harder and use more pressure, which also requires more friction. This sets off a chain reaction that requires better lubrication and ultimately, makes it easier for a mistake to be made and damage to be done. Quad seals, thanks to the way they are grooved, require less pressure to create an effective seal. In fact, in more precise cuts, the shape itself can play a major role in the seal itself. Less friction and less pressure lead to less wear on both your seals and your machinery, which results in a longer service life and less maintenance.

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