How Are Die Cut Seals Made?

Gasket cutting

Die-cut seals are used to seal between two surfaces using compression. These seals are not the same as other seals such as o-rings and lathe cut gaskets, and those differences include several important distinctions. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems is going to take a look specifically at die-cut seals and how these types of seals are made.

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Important Factors

There are many important factors that play into the die-cut seal production process. These factors include things like what material should be used, what temperature the joints need to be sealed at, and making sure the chemicals in the sealing process are compatible with the seal and the item being sealed. Temperature is arguably the most important factor because different seals react differently at many different temperatures. The temperature factor will go on to determine the material used and even the chemicals used.

Gasket Types

Die-cut seals are a form of gasket, but they aren’t always the same. Some common gaskets that utilize die-cut production are compressed sheet gaskets, rubber gaskets, and metal gaskets. Compressed sheet gaskets utilize PTFE coatings and are good in lower pressure applications. If you are looking for gaskets that work better with liquids, rubber gaskets are likely your best option. And if you are looking for a gasket that works in higher temperature and higher pressure applications, spiral wound gaskets are a great choice.
These gaskets utilize this die-cut production and give businesses a variety of die-cut seal options.

Cutting Process

The cutting process is the most important step when it comes to producing die-cut seals. The die-cutting process includes cutting out custom parts and components using a steel rule. This process is applied to seals by using a rotary press. As the cylindrical die rotates, the sheet of material is fed into the press and is cut. Die-cut seals can be made of plastic, rubber, metal, or even vinyl, making it a dynamic option.

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