The Benefits of Spin Coating

Spin coating for fine metallic electronic applications

Coating Systems has been a leading provider of industrial coating solutions for 40 years. Over this time, we’ve developed an unbeatable combination of industry knowledge and customer service to offer the best products, advice, and guidance for your project.
With experience in innovative coating techniques like spin coating, working with different coating materials such as Emralon, Tm001, Xylan, and more, to providing local services such as sandblasting and industrial painting, we are guaranteed to have the expertise you need. This experience has also left us with a wealth of knowledge about the potential benefits of the different materials and application methods we can offer.
In our blog, we look to share some of this information with you. While we can’t cover everything, we aim to give those new to the industry, or those who are just interested in finding out more, a starting point. In this entry, we will be looking at spin coating – specifically the real benefits of spin coating, and why it has become so ubiquitous across industrial applications.

Ubiquitous Use

Currently, spin coating is one of the most common practices across the industrial coating industry. From semiconductors to insulators, even down to nanomaterials, this method of coating is used.
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Why Spin Coating Is Common

The reason this has become such a common form of coating such a wide variety of materials is the simplicity and ease of use that it offers. High-speed spinning meaning a much quicker drying time, further enhanced by the ability for higher air flow. It also offers a uniformity, as well as speed, which supplies a consistency in quality across applications.
Having this kind of reliable speed and quality is vital in many industrial situations, and this method of coating is one of the best ways to achieve both.

Are There Disadvantages?

Depending on the kind of project you are undertaking, there could potentially be disadvantages to using this method. For some specific nano-technologies, fast drying times can actually be a con, rather than a pro, leading to lower performance.
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It is also typically a batch method, that only allows one substrate type at a time. However, for high production of a significant quantity of parts in bulk, it can be ideal. The important thing is to carefully assess your needs before you commit to a particular process.

Spin Coating and More at Coating Systems

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with professional, innovative spin coating solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Remember that this blog is just for information and that if you are looking for detailed, hands-on help, you should contact the professionals at Coating Systems. We can bring the benefits of 40 years of experience to you, and help you get started on your project – whatever the size and whatever the industry.