Coating Systems Shares O-Ring Applications You Haven’t Thought Of

o-rings from Coating Systems

O-rings may often seem like small and insignificant parts, especially when you consider how they relate in size to some of the equipment they help to keep running. Maintaining seals and minimizing or reducing leakage, however, is what keeps machinery running. Without o-rings to help contain pressurized fluids or gases, valuable materials could be lost through leakage. This leakage, over time, can create a significant loss for the manufacturer. Coating Systems offers its o-ring coating to help o-rings stand up to repeated use better and for longer periods of time.
Because o-rings are so important to certain machine functions, it’s no wonder that they appear everywhere. Today, Coating Systems shares some uncommon and fun applications for o-rings that you may not have expected. Read on for details.

Dental Implants

Overdenture dental implants typically use a small o-ring. In order to secure the implants, metal anchors, often made of titanium, are surgically placed into the gums where they eventually fuse into the jawbone by a process called osseointegration. Where the implants fit over this anchor, an o-ring will be placed. This small o-ring helps hold the dentures in place, making for a snug and reliable fit.
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As with most o-rings, these tend to wear out over time and need to be replaced by a qualified dental technician.

Paintball Guns

Paintball guns use tanks of compressed air to fire paintballs at high speeds. The pressure on these tanks is somewhat variable, depending on whether players are in competition or recreation. This means that o-rings on a paintball gun have to be able to perform through a variety of pressures.
Paintball competitors who play outdoors also expose their o-rings to frequent temperature changes. Alongside temperature shifts, outdoor players who duck into brush put their o-rings at risk for nicks and scrapes, both of which can be enough to shorten the life of the o-ring if not break it in competition.
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Because paintball guns need o-rings to function properly, players will often keep the o-rings with them.

Tattoo Guns

O-rings are not necessary for the function of tattoo guns. However, many tattoo suppliers will sell o-rings because they can reduce the vibration of the machine, yielding a more controllable tattooing process.

O-Ring Coatings with Coating Systems

Coating Systems is happy to offer coatings like Xylan and Emralon for all sorts of o-rings. For some descriptions of the more unique applications Coating Systems has worked on, check out our case studies page here. For more information on what Coating Systems can offer you or your company, give us a call today!