Coating Systems: Cerakote for Firearms

One of the many companies Coating Systems partners with to provide durable, protective industrial coatings is Cerakote. Cerakote offers a ceramic gun coating that greatly improves a firearm’s resistance to wear and rust. This coating can also be applied to knives, hand tools, eyewear, and more to improve their lifespan.
Like most coatings we offer at Coating Systems, Cerakote offers increased resistance to corrosion and oxidation, increased resistance to impact and chipping, and greater overall performance. Alongside these performance improvements, Cerakote also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing firearm aficionados to customize their weapons to their liking.
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In order to prove the dramatic improvements Cerakote offers to firearms, Cerakote ran firearms coated in their material through a number of real-world tests against other coatings. The results are remarkable. They are so remarkable, in fact, that here we at Coating Systems would like to take a minute to discuss the results.

Ambient Exposure Testing

One of the Cerakote tests finds a firearm with the coating propped against a tree alongside a firearm which has received the traditional “blued” finish. The firearms were left outside in the pacific northwest for about 15 months. After only twelve days, the blued rifle began to show signs of corrosion. After the duration of the test, the blued rifle appeared nearly unusably rusted. The rifle with Cerakote, however, showed barely any signs of wear.

Salt Exposure Testing

The salt exposure test put Cerakote into a harsh environment containing humid, salty air. As with the test above, a firearm barrel with the standard “blueing” finish began to show signs of corrosion as early as 34hrs into the test. After about 200hrs, the firearm barrel with Cerakote was the only coating to show no signs of corrosion.
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Abrasion Testing

In a test of abrasion resistance, firearms with Cerakote again significantly outlasted the competition. And again, the traditional blueing coating dramatically underperformed. Cerakote performed so well, actually, that it withstood abrasion for nearly twice as long as its nearest competitor.

Let Coating Systems Improve Your Firearms

As a licensed applicator of Cerakote, Coating Systems, Inc. is happy to help you upgrade the performance and lifespan of your firearms. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to apply coatings with precision, giving you the best upgrade to your firearm.
As a testament to the quality of our work, it’s worth pointing out that Coating Systems is also a trusted provider of Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings, specifically designed for military applications. These coatings allow for important chemical resistance on the battlefield while also improving the durability of firearms which see regular use in rugged conditions.
If you’re still not convinced, why not contact us to request a free sample? We’ll be happy to provide examples of our impressive coating work, which includes coatings such as Rilsan, Kynar, Emralon TM-001, and more. Or check out our case studies page to read about our quality custom coating jobs!