Coating Systems: Benefits of Dry Film Lubricant

o-rings with dry film lubrication applied by Coating Systems

Do you need coating solutions but you don’t know where to start? In this entry of the Coating Systems blog, we discuss the benefits of using dry film lubricant, as opposed to other lubricant options, for your static and dynamic seals.
Other coating options, of course, include both greases and oils. As we will see, dry film lubricants like the ones we apply at Coating Systems offer superior performance in certain applications. Read on to learn more about each type of lubricant.


Oils can be identified by their low viscosity which makes them suitable lubricants for parts and o-rings that experience higher temperatures and friction. They can be either mineral oils or synthetic oils. Mineral oils, which are derived from crude oils, may be used as the only oil lubricant, but they are often mixed with additives to produce more desirable performance in certain conditions. Synthetic oils are oils derived from petroleum. All oil lubricants provide some degree of thermal stability, corrosion prevention, and oxidation resistance.
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Lubricating grease is a blend of three ingredients: a base oil, a thickener, and an additive. The base oil typically makes up the majority, anywhere from 70%-90% of the grease, while the thickener may comprise anywhere from 5%-25%, and the additives may comprise anywhere up to 10%. Thickeners may be metal soaps, complex soaps, or mixed soaps, and additives may include graphite and molybdenum. The additives provide such desirable properties as greater thermal stability, ability to handle pressure, corrosion resistance, and more.

Dry Film Lubricant

Dry film lubricant is a coating solution which eliminates the need for oils or grease. This is often preferable because oils and greases are notorious for attracting dirt, dust, and debris, all of which can degrade performance over time. Because of its composition, dry film lubricant can better withstand high-pressure and a higher volume of work than oils and greases. Coating Systems partners with companies like Cerakote, McLube, Whitford, and Kluber to provide the best in dry film lubricants for o-rings and surfaces.
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Dry Film Lubricants at Coating Systems, Inc.

Not every situation calls for the performance of dry film lubricants. But where they can be applied, they often offer greater benefits than liquid lubricants like oils and greases. Dry film lubricants are especially useful for coating o-rings, making them easier to slide into place and, under optimal working conditions, increasing the life of the o-ring. For coating solutions you can trust, whether they’re for your o-rings or other surfaces, contact Coating Systems. Coating Systems has over 40 years of experience with industrial lubricants, and we want to help you keep your processes in working order. Call today to request a free sample of our work!