Benefits of Halar for Coating

Coating Systems and Halar coating.

Coating Systems is one of the leading industrial coating and machine lubrication companies. Operating for 40 years, we have developed a real understanding of the different types of coating to improve processes – powder coating, spin coating, surface coating, anti-freeze coating and much more. One of the popular coating options that we offer is Halar, which offers a variety of benefits in industrial applications.
The Coating Systems engineering consultancy team likes to use this blog to provide some insight into materials and process, so you are better equipped to choose the right product for you. In this entry, we take a look in depth at the benefits of Halar coating.

What is Halar?

Halar is ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE). An ECTFE is a type of plastic that has the appearance of being semi-crystalline and can be processed through melting and reshaping. A few of the most common applications in which it is used include:

  • Camshafts
  • Wires and cables
  • Valve seats
  • Bearings

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What Are the Benefits of Halar?

ECTFE is usually used as an industrial coating thanks to its strong ability to resist friction. As with any coating or lubrication, this is vital to the proper functioning of industrial machinery. Reducing friction between moving parts significantly cuts down on wear, reduces heat, and lengthens the lifespan of machine parts and equipment overall.
In addition, ECTFE has an extremely strong resistance when it comes to both very high and very low temperatures. As with resistance to friction, this is extremely important in any industrial application.
Industrial processes that use heavy or complex machinery will often be subject to extreme temperatures at both the high and low end of the thermal spectrum, as well as intense shifts in temperature. Being able to resist them, thanks to a Halar coating, greatly cuts down on the risk of damage and the potential cost of repairs.
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Additionally, ECTFE is able to resist high electrical currents – another common hazard in industrial processes – and has a high impact strength. The electrical resistance also makes it an ideal choice for cables and wiring, giving them enhanced insulation properties. ECTFE is one of the best options available for coating of machinery, parts and important components in an immense variety of different industries.

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