Why MOLYKOTE® Is the Right Coating for Circuit Breakers

Molykote on Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are extremely important, and they’re subject to a lot of wear and environmental abuse. To keep them running well and to keep maintenance at a minimum, they need proper coating solutions. One such solution is MOLYKOTE®. There are several reasons why MOLYKOTE® is the perfect solution for coating circuit breakers. Today in the Coating Systems, Inc, blog, we discuss these reasons.

Temperature Resistance

One of the biggest issues circuit breakers will face is the fluctuations in temperature they’re subjected to on a daily basis. In more unpredictable weather systems, temperatures can fluctuate 50 degrees in a week. This can cause a lot of problems if the circuit breakers aren’t coated properly, Luckily, MOLYKOTE® is extremely effective at protecting against both high and low temperatures.

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Other Environmental Factors

Temperature won’t be the only environmental factor that circuit breakers have to endure. Wind, rain, humidity, and even snow are just some of the weather factors they will face. MOLYKOTE® is moisture resistant and helps to prevent drying out. This is perfect keeping circuit breakers working at peak efficiency in any weather condition.


Since circuit breakers are constantly working, they’re at risk of seizing and performance breakdowns. MOLYKOTE® lubricants can work to help and prevent this from happening as often. Typically, when circuit breakers use MOLYKOTE® lubricant they have fewer performance breakdowns. This means less maintenance is needed and the lifecycle of the breaker will be much longer. As you can see, these lubricants can help to save major money in the long run while also ensuring more reliability.

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A Wide Variety of Options

At Coating Systems, Inc. we carry various MOLYKOTE® coatings, including chemical-resistant grease, long-life bearing grease, lubricant paste, and much more. Our coating solution inventory doesn’t end there. We have coating solutions for every industry imaginable. If you’re in need of coatings, we have something for you.

MOLYKOTE® From Coating Systems, Inc.

MOLYKOTE® is just one of the incredible products we provide at Coating Systems, Inc. When you choose Coating Systems, you can trust that we can help you find the best coating solution for your industry. Our decades of excellent customer service and satisfaction are just as important to us as providing our customers with high-quality products. Our experienced and friendly staff is standing by to help you with your coating needs. For more information contact us today, or continue browsing the Coating Systems, Inc. website.