Coating Systems Looks at Applications for Ceramic Coatings

Man Applying a Coating to a Car

The professionals at Coatings Systems offer many types of coating services from dip spin coating to custom coating to anti-corrosion coating. Coating Systems is sure to have a coating service that meets your needs.

One type of coating service offered by Coating Systems is ceramic coating. Today, the experts at Coating Systems look at some common applications for ceramic coating.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic consists of metal or nonmetal compounds that have been shaped and hardened by exposure to high temperatures. Ceramic coatings are paints infused with microscopic round ceramic particles (microspheres) that are distributed throughout the coating solution. Due to their high percentage of solids, ceramic coatings are usually thicker and act as a more efficient barrier against extreme weather conditions.

Corrosion Protection

The tough outer shell of a dried ceramic coating chemically bonds to the metal substrate to form a passive and impervious top layer. This layer prevents air and moisture from coming into contact with the underlying metal.

Friction Reduction

Friction between components can slow machinery parts, increase energy usage, encourage fretting corrosion, and decrease equipment lifespan. Ceramic coatings possess a high degree of hardness and a significantly low coefficient of friction. This allows the components to slide over each other more easily, therefore reducing the amount of frictional force.

Thermal Barrier Protection

Overheated metal components are prone to failures such as thermal fatigue, warping, and melting. Thermal barriers are materials that are applied to metallic surfaces operating at high temperatures. Ceramic coatings form an effective thermal barrier that limits the thermal exposure of structural components. Ceramic coatings are known to withstand temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees, with specially formulated composite ceramics withstanding up to 1600 degrees.

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In addition to its protective properties, ceramic coatings are also used for their naturally smooth, glass-like appearance. In the automotive industry, ceramic-based coatings are preferred over other types of vehicle coatings due to its ability to maintain a glossy finish over a long period of time.

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