Coating Systems Looks at Corrosion Prevention for Airplanes

Passenger Airplane in Flight

Perhaps no locomotive deals with elemental pressures more than an airplane. The next time you’re zipping along at 30,000 feet you can rest assured that professional coating is part of what keeps you safe. The pros at Coating Systems understand the profound importance of ensuring an aircraft is protected from corrosion. Coating Systems has the expertise to formulate the perfect chemical coating compounds for all aircraft. In today’s blog, Coating Systems looks corrosion prevention for aircraft.

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General Aircraft Corrosion

General corrosion consumes material at a uniform rate. Initially, the risk is low but it can affect the surface over a period of time if unattended. Complete maintenance is needed, as well as repair coating of affected areas.

Engineering Material

Aluminum is the choice for most aircraft structures and component parts. Steel and steel alloys are also used in aircraft. Both are highly susceptible to attacks of corrosion. This makes the selection of appropriate metal alloys essential for long-term corrosion prevention and control.

Finish Selection

Corrosion prevention, in this case, involves cleaning the surfaces and providing a surface finish through layers of coatings. For the surfaces of aluminum alloys, the coating of a corrosion-inhibiting primer is the first coat. For the low-alloy steel components, the surface coating consists of a thin cadmium plating and a chemical corrosion inhibitor primer.
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Aircraft Structures

Aircraft structures are built from different metals, and they can suffer deterioration of the surface due to metals reacting to the environment. Corrosion can begin even during the manufacturing process, as well as during the temporary storage of a newly built airplane. From the moment an airplane is delivered by the seller, it must be thoroughly inspected and preserved as well as protected from the corrosive environment in which it has to operate. Surface coatings used for the aircraft and its components will help protect the aircraft.

Aerospace at Coating Systems

The aerospace industry is continuously assessing problems and improving designs. The experts at Coating Systems have the expertise to formulate the perfect chemical coating compounds to meet all aircraft needs. How can Coating Systems help you and your industry? Contact Coating Systems today.