Coating Systems Looks at The Benefits of Epoxy Coating For Your Industrial Floor

Epoxy Coating on Floor of Auto Service Center

When you choose Coating Systems for your industrial painting and coating needs, you choose a team of experts who have been satisfying customers since 1975. Coating Systems offers over 40 years of experience and we give you high-quality and durable products that you won’t find anywhere else.

There are a lot of options for industrial-grade coating and painting. In today’s blog, the pros at Coating Systems look at epoxy. Read on to learn some benefits of epoxy coating on your shop floor.

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Dust Free

Concrete floors are havens for dust. Most of the dust that collects on your tools, storage items or even cars, come from a concrete floor. Epoxy is a great solution. An epoxy coating is like a topical sealer which covers the concrete to make it a dust-free floor. That keeps your shop or display room clean and healthy for employees, clients, and guests.

Epoxy Helps Prevent Slippage

Most shop and garage floors have a smooth finish which can make them very slippery when wet. An epoxy coating with slip resistance will help with this problem and help you and your employees stay on your feet.

Easy Winter Cleaning

During the winter months, road salts and brines easily find their way to your shop floor, especially if you’re working on vehicles. Keeping the deck clean in the winter is particularly challenging if you have a concrete floor. An epoxy floor, however, is moisture resistant and can handle most chemicals. An epoxy floor makes winter cleaning simple. You’ll just need a little soap and water.

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Cover Flaws and Stay Stain Free

If your shop floor has flaws in the concrete, like spider cracks or other imperfections, a professionally installed epoxy coating is thick and does a great job at covering these unsightly, and sometimes unsafe areas. Furthermore, a hard epoxy coating is very durable and immune to chemicals and stains. Your floor not only looks great, but it’s safe.

Coating Systems Can Help Your Coating Needs

When it comes to industrial painting and coating, you can’t go wrong with Coating Systems. We offer dip-spin coating, powder coating and all other forms of coating. Since 1975 we have been meeting our customer’s needs with expertise and excellent customer service. Contact us today.