Coating Systems: How Industrial Painting Protects Against Rust

Rusty metal sheet Coating Systems

Over time, weather conditions can cause metals like iron and steel to oxidize and form rust.  Replacing rusty machinery parts can be expensive and inconvenient, but luckily, taking some precautionary measures to protect your machinery can save you the hassle. At Coating Systems, Inc., we offer a wealth of industrial painting options that prevent the unwanted side-effects of wear, tear, and weather. Today, we discuss how industrial painting can protect your machinery against rust.

How Rust Forms

Rust is simply the common name for iron oxide, a compound that forms during the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of moisture. The formation of rust is a natural process and is an example of corrosion, the wearing away of materials due to chemical reactions. Corrosion can happen to a variety of materials, not only iron and rust. For example, silver tarnishes over time, which is another example of corrosion.
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Keeping iron and steel materials away from water will certainly prevent rust, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. Moisture in the air can start the process of corrosion, so even in the most favorable of conditions, rust can form. To truly prevent rust, take preventative measures by coating your machinery.

How Industrial Painting Prevents Rust

Industrial painting from Coating Systems, Inc. is a sure way to protect your metal machine parts from the effects of corrosion. By coating separate machine parts with a specially designed protective coating, you can slow down or completely stop the corrosion process. For the demands of different industries, different types of coatings may be used.

Different Kinds of Industrial Painting

There are several different kinds of industrial coatings that prevent the formation of rust. At Coating Systems, our industrial painting can be broken down into two broad categories: wet coating and dry powder coating. One common form of wet coating is Epoxy, which is often used to protect automobiles and household appliances, including washers and dryers.
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For some industries, hybrid polyester coatings may be used instead of Epoxy coatings. Generally, hybrid polyester coatings last longer than Epoxy coatings, but they may be more susceptible to the deteriorating effects of certain chemicals. At Coating Systems, all of our industrial painting options have a clean, professional finish, protecting your product without distracting from its look and feel.

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