Coating Systems: Industries Which Commonly Use Coating

industry which commonly uses Coating Systems

Coating Systems, Inc. supplies a variety of significant industries with coating solutions for their processes. In a previous blog, we’ve written about some of these industries, including the aerospace, food processing, hunting & sporting, and offshore oil industries. Today we will take a look at some others which utilize our dry film lubricant coatings to help maintain their equipment. These include irrigation, military, packaging, and auto industries.


For our irrigation system coating solutions, Coating Systems partners with Whitford Corp. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, Coating Systems and Whitford are able to provide coatings for any step of the irrigation process. These include:

  • Mating surfaces that need a dry lubrication
  • Fasteners that will experience temperature fluctuations
  • Temperature-sensitive elastomers
  • Threaded fasteners
  • And more

If you work with irrigation systems and you need someone to handle your coating needs, give us a call at Coating Systems, Inc. or let us send you a free sample of our work.


Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) are vital to protecting military equipment and personnel. These epoxy or polyurethane coatings, which are MIL-SPEC compliant, are able to resist the abrasive chemicals used to wash military equipment as well as potent chemicals such as nerve gas. By protecting military equipment from chemical breakdown, our coatings are able to extend the lives of military vehicles significantly.
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Because Coating Systems, Inc. is a licensed industrial applicator of top fluoropolymer manufacturers, we are trusted to provide CARCs, the rights of which are owned by the US government, for use in camouflage. By using CARC camouflage, vehicles become less detectable by targeting systems.


Secure packaging is important so that product tampering can be easily identified. But when the jaws and bars on packaging machinery begin to wear and weaken, they produce weak seals. Coating Systems offers coating solutions for these sealing machines which allow for greater efficiency and longer functioning life. Our high-temperature, high-release coatings, such as Xylan or Emralon, can be applied to either new or used seal bars and jaws.


Coating Systems provides temperature-resistant coatings for many parts that are vital to keeping your car running efficiently. Parts that receive coating include pistons, piston chambers, engine blocks, o-rings and gaskets, and more. For the automobile exteriors, we coat window trims, control panels, wheels, and even seat belts.
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Coating Solutions with Coating Systems

As you can see, Coating Systems provides useful services to very important industries that are used all across the country. If you need coatings for your industrial machinery, give Coating Systems a call, or email us at We look forward to working with you!