Three Common Applications of Anti-Corrosion Coatings from Coating Systems

corroded metal on pipeline

Preventing corrosion is one of the most important factors in the health of your industrial machinery. To prevent corrosion, your business will have to find the right coating solutions to keep your surfaces functioning at a high level. While there are a lot of applications for anti-corrosion coatings, there are some that are more relevant and important than others. In today’s Coating Systems blog post, we will take a look at three common applications of corrosion coatings.
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One of the most common anti-corrosion coatings is Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP). This chemical copolymer possesses several beneficial chemical properties, most notably its friction-resisting capabilities, making it a great anti-corrosion coating. FEP is often used in the coating of industrial cables, preventing corrosion by protected against friction. This coating is available at Coating Systems, and it will keep your cables functioning at a high level for a long period of time.

Steel Surfaces

Steel is one surface that is at a higher risk of corrosion than other surfaces. Finding the right primers and coatings for your steel surfaces will be crucial if you want those services to function well. Steel is a common material used in many equipment and structures that need excellent anti-corrosion coating, such as bridges and turbines. Coating Systems has a variety of solutions for anti-corrosion coatings that can keep your steel surfaces protected.


If you operate industrial equipment or machinery, bolts are likely what holds those pieces together. Protecting your bolts from corrosion and degradation will be key because neglecting these pieces can lead to major damage to your machinery. While bolts aren’t expensive in and of themselves, bolt failure will lead to major damage to your machinery itself and cost you a lot of money.
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Coating Systems has several corrosion coating solutions that can keep your bolts protected from degradation and functioning at their highest possible capabilities.

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