Coating Systems Looks at Considerations For High-Temperature Coatings

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Coating Systems’ engine coatings and lubricants must function at extremely high temperatures in order to perform appropriately. Your average engine reaches a couple of hundred degrees on a regular basis. With that in mind, in today’s blog, the experts at Coating Systems look at some considerations regarding high-temperature coating.

Temperature Range

When selecting a high temp coating, the operating temperature range should be the first consideration. At lower temperatures, below 400 degrees Fahrenheit, organic materials can be utilized. Using organic materials alongside inorganic materials in high-temperature coatings can provide many benefits. However, above 400 degrees, organic materials break down, therefore, inorganic materials are heavily relied upon. Inorganic materials like silicone and ceramic allow for extreme temperature resistance. High temp paints utilizing inorganic materials generally require a heat cure or bake.

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Application Characteristics

Application characteristics must be a major consideration when selecting your high temp paint. There are many “thin-film” high temp coatings available on the market today. These coatings require a relatively thin film to stay flexible at high temperatures without cracking. Thin films can be very hard to achieve, especially in a maintenance painting situation, and thicker films are generally preferred. Thick films must exhibit superior flexibility to allow for higher film builds in extreme temperatures.


Another consideration when selecting high temp paints is aesthetics. Color stability in a high temp coating can vary greatly between manufacturers. Selecting a coating that is not only rated to your highest temperature but color stable to that temperature is important because it ensures that the painted equipment stays the color you selected. Furthermore, it promotes safety. Color-coded hot pipes in refineries and chemical processing facilities must maintain their color. Paint colors can signify the pipe temperature or the cargo inside, so selecting a color stable high temp coating is a must.

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