Coating Systems Reveals Inventions Made Possible by O-Rings

Edison-Style Light Bulb

You may not realize it, but o-rings are everywhere. Many of our modern inventions and tools would not be possible without o-rings. These simple circles of rubber, metal, or plastic keep liquids and air from leaking out of specialized chambers, pipes, and tubes. Coating Systems explains what inventions use o-rings to keep our high-tech world working.

Outdoor Lighting

Thomas Edison worked with a prototype of o-rings when he perfected his design for the light bulb. Today, o-rings keep water from seeping into outdoor lights when it rains. Outdoor landscapes, lighted walkways, streetlights, and elaborate Christmas light displays would not be possible without o-rings. Dry seals from Coating Systems help make the magic happen.

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Modern Appliances

Any appliances in your home that use water probably have some type of o-ring to keep water flowing in the right direction and prevent leaks. Refrigerator filters, dishwasher connections, faucet spigots, and blender blades all use o-rings to seal water and liquids away. Coating Systems can add film and sealants to o-rings to make these appliances work more effectively.


There are hundreds of millions of cars on the road today. Each one of them has o-rings to keep everything running smoothly. Pistons need o-rings to make cars move forward and reduce wear. O-rings keep oil from leaking out of a car’s engine. These simple seals keep fuel running properly from the gas tank to the fuel injectors. Without o-rings, cars don’t go anywhere, and humans can’t travel efficiently. Coating Systems can create coatings for automotive o-rings that make vehicles more efficient.

Jet Aircraft

Jet aircraft, both in the military and for commercial airlines, use hydraulics to operate. Hydraulic systems allow landing gear to lower, the wing flaps to move, and jet turbines to turn. O-rings prevent hydraulic fluid from leaking, thereby allowing jets to fly properly. Dry seal coatings from Coating Systems keep aircraft flying so humans can travel quickly between cities.

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Rockets require liquid fuel and oxygen to reach Earth orbit. Manned rockets carry astronauts, and they need air to breathe. O-rings make both of these processes happen. O-rings create airtight seals so liquid fuel and oxygen get to the right places. Seals from Coating Systems help make those dramatic rocket launches safe and successful.

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