Common Problems with Improper Spin Coating Technique

Improper spin coating technique.

Coating Systems is one of the premier providers of industrial coating and lubrication services. Being an industry-leading company, Coating Systems has a deep knowledge of methods and machinery, from spin coating to lubricants like Tm001 and MOLYKOTE®.

When it comes to spin coating, understanding the technique and how to utilize it is vital. To help you understand how the process works, Coating Systems explains what happens when the spin coating technique is improperly applied.

Pinholes and Comet Streaks

One of the most common and unsightly effects of poorly handled or mismanaged coating processes is the occurrence of pinholes and comet streaks. This usually happens because of dust or other particles on the surface of the substrate being coated.

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The film coating will catch the particulate matter and create a line as a result (comet streak), or leave small-but-obvious holes (pinholes) in the finish. To avoid this, both the equipment and the substrates must be kept clean and stored properly to avoid contamination from dust and other particulate matter.

Vacuum Warping

If equipment uses a vacuum to hold a substrate in place, then the process may be subject to vacuum warping. Using a vacuum and not properly maintaining it can cause the substrate to become warped, which results in issues with coating uniformity.

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Carefully measuring and matching the substrate, the viscosity of the substance used for coating, the strength of the vacuum and the size of the vacuum aperture can all help to prevent warping.

Incomplete Coating

A common mishap in improper spin coating is incomplete coating of a substrate. This tends to happen if the contact angle of the substrate is not in the optimal position. A substrate must be correctly placed in order to be properly coated, which is something that requires careful consideration of the surface tension of the liquid used and using the right kind.
While this can often be solved by adding more of the coating substance, it is easier to avoid problems at the outset by getting the contact angle right.

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Spin coating can be a complicated process, especially if you are unfamiliar with much of a theory behind how it works. Getting it right requires precision and knowledge of the equipment, as well as the substances you are using to coat objects. Seeking the advice, guidance or intervention of an experienced consultancy can go a long way to avoiding costly and time-wasting problems.
If you are looking for professional spin coating and lubrication, or other services for maintaining and improving industry machinery, contact Coating Systems today. With over 40 years of experience, we are well-equipped to help you reach your project goals and achieve the results you need.