Coating Systems: What’s the Difference Between Gaskets and Seals?

Gaskets at Coating Systems

Coating Systems: Is There a Difference Between Gaskets and Seals?

At Coating Systems, we provide coating for a range of seals, including O-Rings, quad seals, and rubber gaskets. Since the terms “gasket” and “seal” are so often used, customers sometimes wonder if there is a difference between the two. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, gaskets and seals are not necessarily one in the same. To clear up any confusion, the experts at Coating Systems discuss the differences between the two.
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Gaskets vs. Seals

The terms “gasket” and “seal” are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing. A gasket is a physical piece that goes between two flanges to create a seal between two different components. Therefore, a gasket is a seal. Typically, gaskets function with two different flanges and can be made from a variety of materials such as rubber, silicone, metal, cork, fiberglass, and more.
“Seal” is a broad term that encompasses many types of materials that join two objects together and prevent them from coming apart. Gaskets are one type of seal, but there are also quad seals, rubber grommets, O-rings, liquid sealants, and more. Many of these seals are used in non-gasket applications. So, a gasket is a type of seal, but a seal is not necessarily a gasket.

When Should You Use a Gasket?

At Coating Systems, we know that different seals are needed for different situations. Gaskets are typically used to prevent leakage between two objects while they are under compression. They are known to withstand high amounts of pressure, making them ideal for this job. They are also used to fill in irregular spaces between machine parts. So, if two parts do not match up perfectly, a gasket can help fill the gaps.
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Gasket Coating at Coating Systems

At Coating Systems, we specialize in custom industrial coating for a variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, military, and large fabrication industries. If you are using gaskets in your industry, it is important that they are properly coated. A coated gasket lasts longer and improves the seal that the gasket provides.
With over 40 years of customer service experience in the coating industry, you can trust Coating Systems with all your coating needs. We can also work with you to provide a custom coating that sets your products apart from the competition. To learn more about our services and to get in touch with a coating expert, give us a call today at 1-800-593-7754!