What Size Rubber Grommet Should You Get?

Different sized rubber grommets

Rubber grommets are a fantastic way to seal and insulate your industrial machinery. They serve a vital purpose for your machinery, working to keep debris and fluid out of parts where they shouldn’t be. They can also help dampen vibration in many applications for your machinery. However, for these grommets to work well, they must be sized and distributed properly. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems will take a look at what size rubber grommet you need for your specific machine or application.

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Panel Measurements

One way that you can determine what size rubber grommet you need is to measure the panel. Specifically, you will need to determine the thickness of the panel, the hole size where the grommet will be applied, and the size of the object that will be going through that hole. This information will determine both how thick your grommet needs to be and what the diameter your grommet needs to be.
This is often seen as the most convenient way to measure for grommets because you can figure out what size grommet you need before going to make the purchase.

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Rubber Grommet Measurements

Another way to determine what size grommet you need is by measuring for the grommet itself. However, this is often predicated by having the right panel measurements. In other words, if you don’t have the measurements for your panel, you might have to make several trips or orders because you don’t have the exact measurements. However, if you do have enough measurements to know what size grommet you need, you can simply determine what grommets to buy with the right grommet measurements.

What are Your Options?

Rubber grommets come in all sorts of diameters and thicknesses. These can range anywhere from ¾” to 12”. These grommets are tear resistant and highly resistant to heat, making them a great option for your industrial machinery. Determining what size you need will ultimately come down to your individual application or machine. There is no shortage of size options, so you should have a lot of variety to choose from, giving you the ability to find a solution that is perfect for your machine.

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