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How Xylan Coating Protects Nuts and Bolts From Wear

Xylan is an extremely popular coating for waterborne industrial applications. Think offshore oil and gas exploration, as well as medical equipment and chemical processing plants that frequently work at extreme temperatures with fluid-based systems. Coating Systems explains how Xylan coating protects nuts and bolts in industrial settings.

Prevents Corrosion

Nuts and bolts hold everything together. If they break, your machinery breaks down and causes major disruptions in your operations. Xylan helps prevent corrosion of metal nuts and bolts due to ordinary wear and tear. This is particularly true in wet environments when water or chemicals may oxidize metals to create rust. It’s not just the water that causes problems for offshore applications. Salt in the water and salt fog cause corrosion for nuts and bolts at heavy-duty drilling sites. 

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Resists Chemicals

Xylan protects nuts and bolts from chemicals that can affect the performance of the metal. Consider what happens when an acidic compound comes in contact with metal. Even mild acids can gradually wear away metal. Any weakness in the metal of nuts and bolts can cause massive breakdowns that affect productivity and undermine your profits.

Increases Resistance to Heat and Cold

As a coating, Xylan has a fantastic operable temperature range. This substance works in temperatures as low as -420 degrees Fahrenheit up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Xylan doesn’t lose its physical properties in frigid, sub-zero temperatures or temperatures found in home ovens. We can coat items that work at the bottom of the ocean, high in the atmosphere, or in heavy-duty machinery.

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Reduces Make-Up and Break-Out Torque

High make-up and break-out torques can doom drill pipes to expensive failures. Xylan’s low coefficient of friction significantly reduces both of these torques to enable users to remove pipe plugs without destroying them. This saves money on replacements and maintenance of heavy-duty machinery, while also keeping your operation running smoothly without any lost production.

Talk to Coating Systems About Xylan

Do you need to protect machinery from extreme temperatures or corrosion? Xylan might be the answer. Engineers at Coating Systems can work with your team to determine the best type of coating for your items, including Xylan. Contact Coating Systems or call toll-free 1-800-367-4193 for more details on what we offer.

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