Industrial Coating for Lip Seals

Coated lip seals.If you are searching for the best in industrial coating solutions, Coating Systems, Inc has what you are looking for. Whatever your application, we have the right type of coating and the professional expertise and skill to apply it. With the right coating in place, your processes will run smoother and more efficiently, with longer lasting durability and increased safety.
Coating Systems can provide you with professional coating solutions for lip seals. On this page, you can find out more information about lip seals and the functions they can serve, along with why having the right coating for lip seals is vital.

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What Are Lip Seals?

What is a lip seal? For anyone unfamiliar with industrial machinery, it might be a confusing term. A “lip seal” refers to a commonly used type of seal across a wide range of applications that are designed with a “lip” that serves a specific purpose. The lip on the seal can act as a barrier to protect it, or as a pump in rotary or oscillating parts. The lip part of the seal can also perform functions such as retaining lubrication and retaining a degree of necessary pressure. Examples of lip seals include:

  • Seals for hydraulic pumps
  • Seals for power steering parts
  • Axle seals.

This type of seal can also be used in conjunction with mechanical face seals in certain situations.

Why Coating is Important

Using this type of seal with the proper machinery lubrication is vital in keeping your equipment or industrial parts running smoothly. The lip on the seal will help to maintain the lubrication provided by the type of coating you use, and help your machinery to last longer.

Types of Available Coating

The right coating for a lip seal will help it do its job to a higher standard, and for much longer. Proper coating cuts down on wear, which can happen from extensive use and exposure to extreme temperatures. Using the right kind of coating will cut down on friction, improve lubrication retention, and enhance the ability of the seal to keep out contaminants.

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Coating Solutions from Coating Systems

Coating Systems can help you find the right type of coating solution for your lip seals. Our professional team can assess your needs, and help in the application and maintenance of your coating and lubrication.

Contact Coating Systems for More Information

If you have found you lip seals coating solution, talk to our customer service team today. Coating Systems has helped countless clients improve their productivity and safety through finding the right coating. Whether you are looking for coatings for lip seals or rubber grommets, spin coating service or local sandblasting services, we can help.