Industries That Use Die Cut Seals

Thread Cutting Dies

Die cut seals work in concert with flanges and gaskets to ensure joints in pipes and pumping systems don’t leak. These types of seals are made in precise shapes to match the flanges and gaskets, thereby making the tightest seals possible. Die cutting makes mass production of these seals more cost-effective compared to other methods. In today’s blog from Coating Systems, we look at industries that benefit from die cut seals.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing and dispensing requires die cut seals to keep liquids from leaking. Food-grade seals are made of compounds approved by the FDA for use in American beverage manufacturing facilities. Seal failures on the factory floor are expensive. Fluid leaks create down time, cause slips and falls, and destroy product. Food and beverage manufacturers benefit from the proper seals to improve cost-effectiveness.

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Worker safety, government compliance, and chemical purity are all issues affecting chemical processing plants. Die cut seals can prevent hazardous material leaks from happening with regard to industrial and agricultural chemicals. Seals made from the correct substances resist chemicals, which is why having the perfect die-cut shape for a seal is crucial to these types of operations. Customers appreciate higher chemical purity where efficacy matters, such as with pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.


Petroleum extraction and processing requires very specific conditions that prevent corrosion and explosions. Pipes and tubing are often at elevated temperatures and pressures, which can lead to hazardous conditions if seals break. Die cut seals must fit precisely, otherwise fires can break out. Fires cause down time, injuries, and reduced productivity. Seals in the petroleum industry promote operational efficiency and regulatory compliance for safety.

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Manufacturing plants often use pumps and hoses to keep liquids and gases moving properly from one container to the next. Die cut seals for gaskets maintain the purity of liquids and gases along every step of the process. Custom-made seals allow for a better finished product with improved purity, thereby passing that added value along to customers who rely on your high-quality deliverables.   

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