Properties and Uses for Halar ECTFE

Machine parts that need Halar ECTFE coating

Over 40 years of offering coating solutions to businesses in automotive, aerospace, hunting, irrigation, packaging, and food processing industries, we at Coating Systems, Inc. have gathered valuable experience about dry film lubricants and other industrial coatings, such as powder coatings.

One standout powder coating we use is Halar ECTFE. Halar is designed to hold up to corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and more. Here, we discuss the properties and uses for Halar ECTFE.

Heat Resistance/Tolerance

Halar ECTFE is considered a partially fluorinated polymer. Its ability to withstand fire is not comparable to fully fluorinated polymers such as PTFE and others, but it offers better resistance than its partially-fluorinated peers. This is due to a limiting oxygen index, the measure of oxygen concentration at which a polymer may catch fire, of around 50%.
Because some industrial coatings and surfaces will experience a wide range of temperatures depending on their uses, it is also important to note that Halar ECTFE can comfortably maintain functionality at temperatures ranging from -76 °C up to 150 °C.

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Impact Resistance

Halar ECTFE s provides you with significant impact resistance.  This means that as a coating, it will not be as prone as others to becoming chipped and flaking away. This coating has even shown that it retains its impact-resistant properties in extreme cold.

Corrosion Resistance

Halar ECTFE really shines when it comes to corrosion resistance. It was specifically designed to be able to withstand caustic chemicals, chlorine, acids, solvents, and more. It is this quality that makes Halar ECTFE a smart choice for businesses in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Uses for Halar ECTFE

Halar ECTFE is largely used in industries where resistance to corrosive chemicals is key. This is why the coating is typically used mostly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In exhaust systems, Halar allows for corrosive gases to pass through without damaging the system. In waste removal systems, especially in cases where the waste is itself corrosive, Halar can also offer superior performance by allowing materials to pass through without damaging the system.

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