Materials for Die Cut Seals

Metal Plates That Require Die Cut Seals

Die cut seals are made to fit very specific gaskets within industrial machinery. These seals keep liquids and gases in place for low- or high-pressure applications that require gaskets. In today’s blog, Coating Systems reveals common materials that go into die cut seals.


Rubber is one of the most common materials used in die cut seals, and with good reason. Rubber tolerates a wide range of temperatures, pressures, materials, tolerances, and environmental conditions. Companies can also make rubber die cut seals into almost any color, shape, and size from a sheet of material. Rubber is one of the most versatile components of this type of seal. Manufacturers often mix silicone with rubber to improve the properties of the rubber and to make it less chemically reactive.

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Metal die cut seals work well with chemicals that cause harsh, corrosive environments. The petroleum and industrial chemical industries are two areas where metal seals are vitally important to worker safety and for preventing equipment breakdowns. Spiral wound gaskets are made of metal and a nonmetallic filler material, such as graphite or PTFE, depending on the application. These gaskets often contain a solid outer ring for sturdiness and stability, while the inner ring is more flexible so the gasket can change with varying pressures and temperatures.


Foam is ideal for gaskets and seals that require both cushioning and sealing. Foam also absorbs shock, insulates, resists vibration, and even resists extreme temperatures. The lightweight construction and composition of open-cell foam allows gas and liquid through while sealing out dust and impurities. Where weight is a concern, the foam is lighter and less dense than standard rubber in die cut seals.   


Like rubber, plastic is also an extremely versatile material to use in die cut seals. Plastic seals come in many colors, and they are relatively easy to make. Plastic can be rigid and flexible. Manufacturers reinforce plastic seals with fibers, minerals, graphite, and even steel to enhance the properties of each plastic seal.

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Seals made of plastic are perfect for petroleum transport, material handling and packaging machinery due to their durability as well as their ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Die cut seals made of plastic come in PVC, high- and low-density polyethylene, high-impact polystyrene, polycarbonate, and PTFE, among others.

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