MOLYKOTE®: Grease vs. Paste

Metal gears that use molykote

For some of our services, Coating Systems, Inc. uses MOLYKOTE®, a special brand of lubricants from DuPont. Internationally trusted by the leading industrial coating professionals, this brand of lubricants is designed to reduce friction, wear, and oxidation in a variety of temperatures and environments, which ultimately saves energy. MOLYKOTE® comes in a couple of different varieties, so to give you a better idea of how we utilize this product at Coating Systems, we have outlined the differences between the two most common kinds: grease and paste.

Uses for MOLYKOTE®

Across a variety of industries, particularly in the automotive and industrial machinery industries, MOLYKOTE® serves several important functions. In the industrial machinery industry, this product can be used for both moving and non-moving parts. For moving parts, it can be used as a lubricant, preventing fretting and galling, and for static parts, it can be used a type of coating that prevents oxidation and dismantling. In the automotive industry, MOLYKOTE® provides long-term lubrication between car parts, which reduces noise and vibrations and keeps a car running in harsh environments. Overall, it functions to make machines more effective and long-lasting.

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MOLYKOTE® grease is mostly used for lubrication between high-friction, moving parts. With its ability to withstand extreme heat and cold and its resistance to moisture, this lubrication can be used in almost any environment. Overall, it is designed to reduce galling, wear, and oxidation while optimizing friction between moving parts of machinery. If you need lubrication for high-friction, fast-moving parts, go with MOLYKOTE® grease.


While MOLYKOTE® grease is used as lubrication between high-friction moving parts, the paste is generally used as lubrication between low-friction parts or coating for static parts. For low-friction areas, such as the space between sliding parts, the paste prevents fretting, galling, and other problems with low-friction machinery. For static parts, such as bolted joints, the paste can prevent oxidation and dismantling. Like all products from DuPont, the paste can withstand extreme temperatures, wet or dry environments, and harsh chemicals.

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