Powder Coating for the Aerospace Industry

Powder coating on an airplane wing

Coating Systems, Inc. proudly provides powder coating services to a variety of industries, including the aerospace industry. Designing safe and effective aircraft requires close attention-to-detail, which is why aircraft suppliers rely on Coating Systems for their industrial coating needs. To give you a better idea of our work here at Coating Systems, we have explained some of the ways the aerospace industry utilizes powder coating.

Why the Airplanes Need Coating

An aircraft is a complicated machine, composed of thousands of moving and static parts. To keep a plane running safely and efficiently, each part must be properly coated. On an aircraft, coating performs a few different functions. First, it ensures that each moving part is properly lubricated to prevent galling, wear, and other problems associated with high-friction machinery. Second, it ensures that each part is properly protected from the elements, preventing oxidation and corrosion. Lastly, proper coating leads to increased speed and fuel efficiency. Drag and air pressure can greatly affect an aircraft’s ability to travel long distances in a short amount of time, but proper coating reduces the amount of drag an aircraft experiences, making it run more efficiently. As you can see, coating is an essential component of aircraft design and maintenance.

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The Benefits of Powder Coating

Although aircraft may use several types of coating – including Emralon and MOLYKOTE® – powder coating is particularly important. Unlike other types of coating, powder coating is sprayed on as a dry, electrostatically-charged powder. Once it is applied, it is cured in an oven which allows the particles to meld and create a long-lasting, effective finish. This method provides a couple of different benefits. First, it provides a thicker, longer-lasting finish than a conventional coating. Second, the process does not release any solvents into the atmosphere, making it an environmentally friendly option.

The benefits of powder coating are particularly important to the aerospace industry. Because planes must travel long-distances through harsh environments, each part must have a long-lasting, thick finish. Additionally, environmental concerns and regulations greatly impact the aerospace industry, so they must ensure that the coating they use has a minimal effect on the environment.

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