Xylan Coating: Protecting Your Car From Weather Conditions

Car in the rain coated with Xylan

Whether it be rain, snow, ice, or the summer heat, your vehicle constantly faces the threat of Mother Nature. Luckily, the automotive industry has found ways to protect your car from inclement weather – and one of those protections is Xylan, an industrial, fluoropolymer coating. Resistant to acids, bases, solvents, and extreme temperatures and moisture levels, this fluoropolymer coating is perfect for making your vehicle weather-resistant. Today, Coating Systems, Inc. discusses some of some ways that Xylan protects your car from the elements of nature.

Surface Protection

After your car is painted, the surface must be coated to prevent future damage. Ice, snow, road salt, roadside debris, and sunlight can all damage the surface of your vehicle by either fading or chipping your paint. Luckily, Xylan is nonstick and resistant to chipping and flaking, which allows it to protect your car from elements that may stick to the surface of your car or chip your paint, like road salt, gravel, and rocks. By coating your vehicle with a fluoropolymer coating, you ensure your paint job looks new for years to come.
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Corrosion Protection

Over time, iron and steel will naturally form rust, a type of corrosion. Whether it is humidity, rain, or snow, water that comes in contact with your car will oxidize and gradually corrode and the surface. Eventually, these rusty pieces of your car would need replacing, which can be an expensive and inconvenient process. Fortunately, Xylan prevents corrosion and ensures you do not have to deal with its unwanted effects.

Other Uses for Xylan in Automobiles

Xylan is not limited to protecting your vehicle from weather conditions. Coatings are an essential component of automobile manufacturing and Xylan performs many functions. In addition to coating the surface of your car to protect against weather, it also acts as lubrication between moving parts, preventing galling, fretting, and wear and tear. This ensures that your car runs efficiently for a long period of time. Additionally, the heat resistant properties of the coating are just one of the many reasons why your engine does not overheat. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why so many automobile manufacturers turn to fluoropolymer coating.
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