Understanding Different Lathe Cut Gasket Types

Several different cut gaskets

Compared to spiral wound gaskets and o-rings, lathe cut gaskets offer a unique set of benefits. Lathe cut seals are most commonly used as an equivalent replacement to o-rings when pressure-energized seals are suboptimal and may be overstressed. There is also flexibility and versatility that comes with lathe cut gaskets. In today’s blog post, Coating Systems is going to take a close look at some of the different lathe cut seals.

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Among the most common lathe cut gaskets is the square gasket. The biggest difference between each kind of lathe-cut seal is the cross-section. There are roughly eight different types of cross-sections. Square is slightly bigger than the typical gasket cut, but it is the closest to that typical gasket size when compared to other cuts, like cylindrical and v-groove. Square seals are typically the most popular cut.


Cylindrical cross-section lathe cut gaskets are the second thickest cut available on the market today. Lathe cut gaskets are cheaper than many other types of seals, but they are also more flexible in their shapes and sizes, as seen in the cylindrical cut. This gives you a thicker seal surface that is able to endure higher levels of pressure.


The v-groove cross-section is arguably the most niche cut among lathe cut seals, used almost exclusively on shafts. These gaskets seal against both dry and wet contamination and are great for rotary shafts. They use a centrifugal action that is perfect for rotary shafts.  Lathe cut V-groove gaskets are available in a number of sizes, making them even more versatile.


If v-groove gaskets are the most niche cut of all the lathe cut gaskets, chamfer seals come in as a close second. Chamfer cuts are very similar to o-rings and traditional square cuts, with a small exception. Chamfer cuts offer six sides, like a pentagon with a flattened top. There are a number of advantages that come with this. First, it gives you the option of doubling up on these seals and the surface can be set on both the inside and outside of a radial surface. It also has the ability to handle pressure better than simple gaskets or o-rings.

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