Coating Systems: Why We Choose DuPont

Dupont coated o rings

We, at Coating Systems, believe in making the world a better place, even if that means one small gesture at a time. We also believe in high-quality products that we can take pride in and that our clients will love. Luckily, when we work with DuPont for spin coating or O-ring coating, we don’t have to choose between a great company and a great product. Read on to learn why we believe a partnership with DuPont is such a worthwhile endeavor for Coating Systems.

DuPont Puts People First

In this regard, DuPont’s belief system aligns with our own here at Coating Systems. They believe in not only making the best products for people but also offering respect to people and the environment. They believe in the benefits of making every employee a valuable and heard member of their team. It’s not just what they say. They back it up with actions and have the awards to prove it.
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Working Mothers 100 Best Companies

For 28 years, DuPont has made the list as one of the best companies in the country for working mothers. They offer on average 6 weeks of paid vacation while also providing daycare for mothers. By also giving the opportunity to telecommute to work, this company does what it can for mothers.

Scored a 100 on Disability Quality Index Best Places to Work

DuPont scored a fantastic score on the Disability Quality Index Best Places to Work, showing they have an inclusive environment and care about diversity at their workplace. At Coating Systems, we love doing business with inclusive companies.
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DuPont Believes in the Quality of Their Work

For the sixth time, DuPont was recognized as one of the top 100 most globally innovative companies in the country. They were awarded this because they chose to focus on quality over quantity in a time when many companies choose the easy route. Coating Systems also takes great pride in the quality of our work. We not only choose the highest-quality coatings but also take the greatest care in our projects. From sandblasting to powder coating to spin coating, we perfect the job, and we respect and do business with companies whose own great products give us the opportunity to showcase our quality.

Choose a Great Coating Systems Team for Your Next Job

If you need O-ring coatings or sandblasting, find yourself a hardworking team that puts people first. Coating Systems is Cincinnati’s premier coating company.