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Which Products You Should Coat with Emralon Tm001

Three Products Emralon Tm001 is Perfect for Coating

Manufactured by Henkel, Emralon Tm001, a water-based resin-bonded acrylic latex system, has stood the test of time. As this coating system protects from oil, alcohol, gasoline, and other abrasive substances, it offers excellent protection at the point that many products are most vulnerable – the assembly process. The ability to tint or pigment this coating helps to categorize and identify products during assembly as well. Today, the Coating Systems blog discusses some of the products that are perfect for Emralon Tm001 application.

Three Products Perfect for Emralon Tm001

1. O-Rings

Emralon Tm001 has many benefits to O-ring coatings. You will greatly reduce friction and corrosion on the O-ring itself. Extending the life of your machinery and equipment. It also helps with identification by color coding the O-ring. These color-coded helps to differentiate compounds and streamline the assembly process. Lastly, coating with Emralon Tm001 makes installment easier because of the reduction of friction. By preventing sticking, you can decrease manufacturing time during assembly.

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2. Gaskets

Many automotive manufacturers and aftermarket mechanics regularly coat their gaskets with Emralon Tm001  for a number of reasons. First, it allows you work to stand out as a cosmetic coating. This can be for style or branding purposes, as the wide range of colors by Emralon provide you with many options. The coating also has functional benefits such as providing slip in your joint. Having a dry lubricant protects your gasket from damage and allows it to move with the flanges. Coatings also provide also offer “micro-sealability” and can saturate the gasket fibers and block potential leak paths.

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3. Valve Seals

Valve seals of all sorts can have some major benefits from an Emralon Tm001 coating. Not only does it reduce leaks and reduce emissions, but coating a valve seal will reduce friction in the case of sliding or movement related valve seals. Most importantly, coating your valve seals reduces the effects of corrosion and humidity which can prematurely damage you valve seal.

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