Coating Systems Explains How to Extend Your Machinery’s Lifespan

Machinery can take a high amount of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Often these machines perform thousands of repetitions a day and with high temperatures, speeds, and force loads maintaining your equipment can be more difficult than using the machine itself.  Luckily, Coating Systems knows how difficult that can be and is here to help you make the maintenance of your machine easier. Follow these two important steps to extend your machine’s lifespan starting today.

Perform Regular Maintenance

A recent study of farm machinery in the Midwest found that you can reduce machinery repair costs by up to 25% by performing routine maintenance to your machinery. Prevention of machinery breakdown can offer huge resource savings. Small problems and misalignments can lead to increased wear on your machinery before you even realize there is a problem.
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A service record chart to help aid you in record keeping can be key to tracking when your machine is in need of maintenance. Often, it can be best to measure hours used and set maintenance based on preselected intervals. Verifying that your machinery is in working order and properly coated and lubricated can be the difference between a machine lasting a few years or a few decades.

Reduce Friction

Most machinery uses components that move at high speeds and variable force loads. It is imperative that you keep your machinery properly lubricated in order to extend the life of your machines. Even more importantly, high-quality coating from Coating Systems can extend the life of machines by providing innate friction reduction as well as offering anti-galling and anti-aging protection.
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With surface coating not only will you extend the life of your machinery, but it can also influence your energy costs. A majority of the coatings from Coating Systems offer a low coefficient of friction. As a result, a machine that has been coated by Coating Systems will run more efficiently and thus cause lower energy costs. It also helps to keep your machine clean. Many machines create a large amount of dust or debris. A surface coating on your machine, in combination with regular manual cleaning of your equipment, will help to reduce abrasive wear on your machinery.

Find Out How Coating Systems Can Help

There are many ways to help to extend the lifespan of your machinery, but just applying these two methods will be the biggest factors to keeping your machines and business up and running. Contact Coating Systems for more information about how the variety of different surface coating services and regular maintenance can be the key to keeping your equipment working.