Everyday Uses For Rilsan Fine Powders

3D Printing using Rilsan Fine Powders from Coating Systems

If you do not work in the manufacturing industry you may have never heard of Rilsan fine powders. These fine powders are a high-performance bio-sourced material manufactured by Arkema, Inc. It is manufactured from the oil of the castor bean, meaning that the polymer is 100% bio-based. In addition, the castor bean is grown in arid landscapes that are very difficult to cultivate, as such it does not compete with the human or animal chain. It is a very useful material in the manufacturing industry on account of its flexibility in combination with outstanding impact, durability, and chemical resistance properties. This interesting combination of chemical properties and the enviro-friendly nature of Rilsan’s production result in widespread use in many places you likely don’t realize. Coating Systems wants to share some of the interesting everyday uses of this amazing resource.

Rilsan Powder Coating

Lots of everyday products take advantage of Rilsan’s particular properties. These types of coatings offer exceptional abrasion, oil resistance, and come in a multitude of colors it is used extensively in the automotive and transportation industry. This can range from seat belt fasteners to battery housings and fuel lines. When you step into your car it is likely you are interacting with Rilsan in some form.

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As it is a 100% bio-based product and is compliant with food regulation, it also used in many food-based wire products. Dishwasher baskets, shopping baskets, and store racks often are coated in this type of fine powders. Similarly, this type of coating is found in many items used in the medical field such as hospital furniture and medical instruments. This extensive and varied use is why it is one of the most common surface coatings used by Coating Systems.

Additive for Paints

In addition to Rilsan’s use as a surface coating in the aforementioned everyday items, it is also used in many paints to improve properties and add texture. Rilsan infused paint has a higher degree of scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance, as well as giving the paint a matting effect. You may see this type of paint in coil coating, flooring, and even PVC production. If you need a higher-performing industrial paint visit Coating Systems and ask for industrial paint with Rilsan included.

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3D Printing

One of the most exciting new application of Rilsan is as a 3D printing resin. Polyamides are the reference material for powder bed fusion processes like laser sintering. By using laser beams to quickly fuse together plastic powders layer by layer, laser sintering is the process of quickly manufacturing prototypes or as it is better known, “3D Printing.”  3D printing is being increasingly used in aerospace engineering, automotive prototypes, and hundreds of other manufacturing and engineering processes. Being able to go from design to prototype quickly is key to the rapidly evolving engineering market, and Rilsan plays a key role.

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As you can see, Rilsan is used in a number of everyday products because of its unique and useful composition. If you are interested in having a product or machine professionally coated, contact Coating Systems, Inc today! You can contact us by email at sales@coatingsystems.com or via phone at 1-800-593-7754.