Coating Systems: Industrial Coatings for Sea Vessels

ship at sea with coatings from Coating Systems

For large shipping companies, the reliability of their sea vessels is of the utmost importance. Because cargo ships can be so massive, they have a large number of parts that need to be functioning optimally and a large amount of surface area that is exposed to the elements. And at sea, the weather conditions can range from ice cold to high winds, heavy rains, choppy seas, and more. Needless to say, proper maintenance of one of these ships is a very involved process requiring the hands of many engineers and technicians.
The continuing development of industrial coatings, like those offered by Coating Systems, allows for longer lifespans and greater resistance to the hazards of sea conditions for a variety of parts on a cargo vessel. Here, Coating Systems details those hazards and discusses how our coatings can help.

What Are The Dangers of Rust?

Rust is the first issue that comes to mind when considering the issues a vessel may face after repeated trips at sea. This should come as no surprise, seeing as ships are most often comprised of metal components, and saltwater is highly corrosive to metal.
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Rust on the hull of a ship will compromise its integrity. If the rust does not itself eat through the hull, it will make the hull more susceptible to punctures, scrapes, or other contacts. While it’s not likely that a cargo ship will be making an impact with other objects and surfaces, a compromised hull is still a significant issue as it can put the lives of the crew and the safety of the cargo at risk. Rust on smaller parts of the ship, such as nuts & bolts, hinges, piping, etc. will do just the same thing – compromise its integrity and allow for a greater likelihood of malfunction and the need for replacement parts.

How Can Coatings Help?

For a hull, a coating places a layer of chemically resistant substance between the seawater and the metal. This layer prevents the saltwater from chemically interacting with the metal, allowing for smoother sailing overall. The same principle applies to various parts of the ship. With industrial coatings from Coating Systems, cargo ships can enjoy fewer repairs, longer lifespans for their parts, and an overall improvement in performance.
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