MOLYKOTE®: The Perfect Metal Coating for Military Weapons

Why Molykote can keep you serviceperson’s weapon functioning properly

For a military serviceman or servicewoman, the functionality of their weapon can be the difference between a successful mission and a failed mission. At Coating Systems, it is important to us that servicemen and servicewomen aren’t put in danger by their weapons not functioning correctly. A soldier can do everything correctly and execute a mission to perfection, but still fail without a properly functioning weapon. Now, weapons are exposed to a lot of harsh conditions, so we also understand that it is hard to keep them in pristine condition. The key is to utilize preventative care, and at Coating Systems, we believe that MOLYKOTE® is the perfect coating for keeping your weapon in the best condition.

How to Prevent Weapon Damage From Elements and Harsh Conditions with MOLYKOTE®

We typically don’t think about our soldiers’ weapons, but whatever harsh conditions face our heroes, their weapons also face. And with them typically being just hunks of metal, they aren’t built as well to withstand that beating as humans are. So how can we keep our weapons healthy? One way to do so is to use MOLYKOTE®. MOLYKOTE® is an anti-friction, lubricating, paint-like coating that will optimize natural friction by softening surfaces.

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A MOLYKOTE® protective coating is made to operate in and withstand the harshest conditions while protecting whatever is on. For military servicepeople, they can be asked to go into certain terrain one day and then be asked to go to a completely different terrain the next. They may be faced with sand and heat one day while being in a wet and cold condition the next. MOLYKOTE® is both durable and dynamic in the sense that it protects against all conditions.

Why Choose Coating Systems for Your Coating Needs

Since 1975, Coating Systems has been one of the top providers of functional coatings for industry, helping to keep workers safe and to keep their tools functioning at peak capacity. Going even further, our surface coatings also help to keep weapons functioning at a higher level longer than they otherwise would, which saves money. It will also be a significant time-saver for servicemen and women, as well as maintenance workers, as the weapons will stay in better shape for longer periods of time.

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For over 40 years, Coating Systems has sought to give our customers the best possible protective coating in order for their equipment to function at its highest capacity. MOLYKOTE® is just one of our several coatings that can keep your equipment working the way it should. Contact us today at 1-800-593-7754 or visit our website for more information.